Glimpses of Autumn

Nobody around here really expects this Fall to be very colorful.

Too little rain. Too much heat.

But on my Saturday afternoon walk — minus the Sheltie, who doesn’t cotton to my carrying a camera and posing shots! — I found a few tiny glimmers that Mother Nature is preparing for Fall regardless.

A peek of color here. A hint of things to come there.

See if you agree:

Starting to show some yellows

Crimson beginning to show

Some fabulous reds

Golds and bronzes

Brilliant yellows

Dogwood leaves up close

Yellows and oranges

Squirrels scurrying around gathering food for Winter

Evergreens stripped of their needles by Summer’s drought (probably won’t recover, either)

Corn (such as it was) has been harvested; fields resting

Just a few of the arborvitae shrubs we lost this summer — maybe because of drought, maybe because of pests or disease

I couldn’t resist ending with these purple beauties!

23 thoughts on “Glimpses of Autumn

  1. Old midwesterner that I am, I just love everyone’s autumn blogs. I do miss the colors.

    Your arborvitae look like they might have fallen victim to spider mites. They’ll do that down here to an assortment of plants and trees – especially Norfolk pines. They like to move in on distressed plants, and drought’s a stressor, for sure.

    Those evergreens might surprise you. We had some that did come back this year after our drought. In fact, the arborists told people not to cut down any trees until we’d gone through several months and some rain, just to be sure that they really were dead. Even some live oaks that people thought were completely gone are putting on growth, now.

    Still, we lost about 300 million trees – not counting city trees. The good news is that’s about 6% of our tree population. Significant, but we can recover.

    • I’m so sorry to hear of your area’s tree loss. My dad used to say that Mother Nature is a great pruner. The older I get, the more wisdom I see in that! I do hope you’re right about our “soldier trees” — I think we’re going to wait before having them removed, on the slight chance that they just might make it. Thanks for giving me some hope!

    • We’ve had drop-dead-gorgeous weather, Lynne (not to rub it in or anything!). Clear blue skies, temps ranging from high 40s to low 70s, just a hint of a breeze. And the colors, as you see, are just starting (top to bottom, for the trees). The “no bugs” is a BIG blessing, too!

  2. It’s been hot here, too, Debbie, with no end in sight. As someone who grew up on the East coast and went to school in Boston area, your pictures are fine, but the changing does look rather subtle. I particularly remember the bold vivid changing colors of the trees in Boston. I miss seeing that. Here in San Diego, we get very subtle changes, too subtle to write home about. Sigh.

    • I saw photos on TV the other day from Vermont. There, the colors were spectacular! I so wanted to go see them myself. However, I suppose their winters are a bit harsher than ours — and earlier!

  3. Debbie, Autumn is my all-time favorite season and our colors are reaching a peak in the Adirondacks and Catskills. I am spellbound by the brilliance- a little off this year but still showing signs of bursting forth. We’ve had glorious weather-just starting to turn cold and rainy. Thanks for sharing your photos!

    • Thanks for visiting, Kathy. I understand your part of the country is ahead of ours in the color-changing business. We’ve had so many beautiful Fall days — perfect temperatures, really — and I think our drought has really eased up. Can’t you tell by the green in our lawn?!

  4. I love the golds and reds of autumn (but we don’t really get that here). The yellows in a couple of your pictures were sure signs of what’s to come. I like the purple ending – almost spring-like.

    Though I love the colors, it kind of depresses me when the trees are bare. It’s hard for me to imagine autumn changes when we’re looking at temps over 100 degrees for the next few days, “cooling off” into the high nineties by the end of the week 🙂

    • I’m not sure I’d enjoy the desert heat year-round, Janna. Still, you’re right — it’s pretty sad to see the trees stripped of their leaves and to know the winter snows are right around the corner. I’m not sure what the purple flowers are — I saw them in somebody’s yard and thought they were lovely!

    • It probably won’t be too long before you, too, will start seeing signs of Fall, Tanya. I can already tell the daylight is shorter and without as much sun, the temperatures are cooler. I don’t want to think about winter yet, though!

  5. I love everything about October – all 31 days of it. Enjoyed seeing your glimpses of fall. Is there anything prettier than those colors against a crisp blue October sky?

    • You’re so right, Barb! I think the contrasting colors — and the generally sunny days — are part of Fall’s charm. It’s nice not having to endure storms, whether the spring or the winter kind!

  6. Debbie, I so enjoyed looking at these wonderful shots of the signs of fall! The squirrel photo is fantastic! I’m ready for fall, or I should say, fall clothing. I love the comfort of flannel pajamas, polar fleece hoodies, and scarves. I love wearing scarves! 🙂

    • I love hoodies and fleece, flannel and corduroy. And BOOTS! The cool nip in the air really inspires me to get things done, too. Glad you enjoyed seeing some early Fall photos, Bella — thanks for visiting!

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