Spring in Central Illinois

It’s been raining off and on for much of the week. Wicked lightning and frightening claps of thunder split the early morning hours; standing rain is a common sight. We hope this means no drought this year, but who knows?

Nevertheless, I managed to step outside between showers and capture a few signs of Spring. Please enjoy!

Trees are beginning to leaf out.

Trees are beginning to leaf out.

Yellow daffodils are in bloom.

Yellow daffodils are in bloom.

This weeping cherry is a replacement for the blue spruce we lost last year.

This weeping cherry is a replacement for the blue spruce we lost last year.

This is a closeup of the weeping cherry blossoms. I understand that when they die off, they're replaced by leaves.

This is a closeup of the weeping cherry blossoms. I understand that when they die off, they’re replaced by leaves.

Blue hyacinths dot a neighbor's yard, wafting their perfume everywhere.

Blue hyacinths dot a neighbor’s yard, wafting their perfume everywhere.

Hyacinths come in pink, too!

Hyacinths come in pink, too!

No roses yet, but this show rose is full of leaves.

No roses yet, but this show rose is full of leaves.

A yellow forsythia hedge.

A yellow forsythia hedge.

This magnolia tree is going to be splendid!

This magnolia tree is going to be splendid!

Do you call this a jonquil or a daffodil? Whatever, isn't it beautiful?

Do you call this a jonquil or a daffodil? Whatever, isn’t it beautiful?

23 thoughts on “Spring in Central Illinois

    • Don’t worry, Kathy, Spring is coming your way. You’ll just have to get through those wicked T-storms we’re shipping toward the east — sorry. Safe safe, okay?

  1. The vibrancy of the green is fabulous!
    I’ve never known the difference between a jonquil and a daffodil, but I think the first one is a daffodil and the later photo is perhaps a jonquil.

    • Thanks, Suzi. I didn’t know if they were basically the same flower, only one is called “daffodil” in the north while Southerners call it a “jonquil.” Being “bi-regional,” I suppose, it’s no wonder I’m sometimes confused!!

  2. Stunning photographs, Debbie!

    Especially loved the ones of the white cherry blossoms. I think those trees are just beautiful. And I love how the little white petals will sometimes blow off in the wind; causing it to look as though it’s snowing confetti!

    And don’t ya just love the smell of hyacinths? Their smell always reminds me of being a kid and my family bringing a potted hyacinth to family dinners on Easter Sunday!

    Hey, I don’t think I realized you lived in Illinois. I hear that Chicago is such an awesome city. I really need to visit one day.

    Enjoy the rest of your week, dear lady!


    • What lovely memories you’ve shared, Ron! Hyacinths have always been among my favorite Spring blooms — their scent should be bottled!! Those cherry blossoms are gorgeous; sadly, they don’t last too long. One of these days, I’m going to get to D.C. for the Cherry Blossom Festival — we see the video of that on TV, and it’s out of this world beautiful! Thanks for visiting, and have a great weekend!

  3. Love the weeping Cherry, so pretty. Magnolias have always been one of my favorite trees. Lots more blooming in your part of Il. than in Chicago. We finally had a reprieve this afternoon for about 4 hours, long enough to let my campers run off some energy. It’s suppose to rain more later tonight. I am beginning to worry someone ate or stepped on Itsy..darn spider better not be on vacation on some island! Lovely pictures.

    • Thanks, Katybeth. Yes, we’ve had more than our share of rain, haven’t we? I saw all your flooding on TV this morning — and to realize it’s not only wet but rather cold, too. Today, at least, is dry, though grey and windy. But I’m not shoveling like those folks in MN, so I won’t complain. Much!!

    • I know, Terri, but hang in there — it’s coming! With all the snow you’ve had, you should see some breath-taking beauty when the trees leaf out and the flowers pop through the ground. And to think we already had warm weather by this time last year!

    • Your compliments are music to my ears, Monica — thank you for sharing in our beautiful foliage! I realize that you, of course, are basking in Nature’s beauty year-round, but here, Spring is such a welcome relief after months and months of winter!!

  4. Debbie, I made it through surgery! And what a wonderful way to initiate my return to blog reading than with this gorgeous post of yours! These photos make me smile and that weeping cherry is simply beautiful! I am so happy spring is here! 🙂

    • I didn’t realize you were having surgery, my friend — hope everything was successful and that you’ll be up and about in no time! Thank you for liking my pictures; it makes me happy to know I made you smile!!

  5. All classic flora and fauna of spring! What a treat, Debbie. That first picture looks like it must be a giant tree – just from the size of that trunk. Wow!

    And jonquil or daffodil? I call it a daffodil and i have a lot of them planted around our flower beds because they’re the best deer deterrent I’ve come across.

    • Deer deterrent?? Really, I had no idea, Barb. But, then, we don’t get a lot of deer in my neighborhood. Wonder what my Sheltie would do if he saw one?!! Yes, the first tree is immense. A maple, I think, but it’s hard to tell without mature leaves. Thanks for clarifying the jonquil/daffodil dilemma!!

    • Hi, and Welcome! I’m glad you found my photos inspiring. Spring here is quite changeable — this one is completely different from last year, when Spring got here early. Of course, we had a drought last year, too, so many we’ll be spared that because of all our rains!

  6. Great spring pictures! I’ve never seen a weeping cherry before. It looks like such a unique tree. We just planted a couple spruce trees and an autumn maple. I just love spring 🙂

    • Me, too, Janna. If we didn’t have to be wary of thunderstorms and tornadoes, spring would be practically perfect! We bought the weeping cherry after we saw one in a neighbor’s yard, fully in bloom and stunning. I’m glad ours put on such a fine show this season!

    • Thanks for visiting, Pat. Did any of them bring back fond memories of Central Illinois for you?? I imagine your scenery is beautiful now, but I’ve got to say, We Midwesterners really love spring and our changing seasons!

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