(Nearly) Wordless Wednesday

Dallas here.

Guess what? It’s b-a-a-a-c-k!!

Snow fell overnight

Snow fell overnight. . . .

We only got a dusting Tuesday morning, according to mama, who keeps up with that sort of thing.

But when she let me out and I saw it, I went crazy.

I love snow.

On my nose, on my furs, everywhere.

My favorite thing is to roll in it!

But mama says it’s early for snow. We’ve still got leaves on the trees.

And all the leaves still haven't fallen.

And on the ground

How cool is that?!

28 thoughts on “(Nearly) Wordless Wednesday

  1. It is cool, in every sense of the word. Heck, if we had snow, I might be out rolling in it. As it is, we only have our first morning in the 30s. Without snow, that’s not exactly much fun, although it’s clear as a bell and will be gorgeous once we add a few degrees to the mix.

    Happy change of seasons!

    • Thanks, Linda. I do recall those crisp cool mornings in Texas, how thankful we were for a break in the heat at last! Of course, parts of your state *do* get snow (and ice), so be glad you’re not having to shovel, ha!

    • If Dallas had the grace to blush, he’d be doing so at your compliments, Katybeth. He certainly took advantage of every opportunity to go outside and play in the snow, too (though today, he’s wondering just where it all went!)

  2. “I love snow.

    On my nose, on my furs, everywhere.”

    I do TOO, Dallas! In fact, I like rolling in it as you did. And I also like making snow angels 🙂

    We got a light dusting of snow here as well, but sadly, it melted quickly 😦

    You enjoy, Dallas! And tell Mama I said hi!


    • Hey, Ron, glad you enjoyed Dallas’s silliness! I used to love making snow angels — and snow forts and tunnels, too. Kids seem immune to the cold, though, don’t they? Adults, on the other hand, tend to worry more about the “messy” aspects of the snow — shoveling sidewalks and driveways, bringing wet stuff into the house, etc. Guess we should just relax and ENJOY!! Thanks for dropping by, and have a great Wednesday!

    • He does love it, Barb. And it’s hard not sharing in his excitement — of course, it’s easy to like it when it goes away the next day, ha! Thanks for dropping by.

    • It’s hard to get a GOOD picture of him rolling in snow. When he sees me point the camera at him, many times he just turns away (or quits doing the “cute” thing I’m trying to capture!). I, too, am glad the wild critters have been absent — except for the squirrels, which Dallas loves to chase. Thanks for stopping by, Janna!

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