It’s a Puzzlement

You know, there are days when I just can’t help wondering:

1) With only 10% or so of the population being left-handed, how come vacuum cleaners have their cord on the right side of the handle? How are we expected to hold both in one hand?

2) What’s up with a Ladies Tool Kit? I mean, isn’t a screwdriver the same whether it comes in basic black or with a pink flowery handle?

3) Why is candy corn seasonal? If you could find a bag on July Fourth, for example, wouldn’t the candy taste just as good (or awful, if you happen to hate candy corn!) as it does at Halloween?

4) Why does every neighborhood have that one house where folks don’t take care of their yard? I’m not talking about aged or infirm people. I’m talking about able-bodied folks, who refuse to mow the lawn, mulch the leaves, decorate for the holidays, you get the picture.

5) And who’s making sweaters these days? On which planet do women have arms that long??

6) Why do dogs hate it when you blow in their faces, yet invariably stick their entire heads out a car window when going for a ride?

7) Since when do we expect clerks in stores to work on Thanksgiving Day? Doesn’t it seem reasonable that they, too, have earned time off with their families? Would one day really make that big a difference in the economy?

8) What’s behind all the TMI (over-sharing) we’re prone to these days? Does anybody really care about some stranger’s new piercings?

9) Why, when you contribute to one charity, are you suddenly placed on the mailing list for every charity? I’ve got stacks of notepads, more address labels than I can use in a lifetime, calendars, certificates of appreciation, and such from organizations I’ve never heard of. Sending this junk out has got to eat into their profits.

10) Doesn’t it stand to reason that a rabbit’s foot would be luckier on the rabbit than in your pocket?!

What would you like to rant about today??

27 thoughts on “It’s a Puzzlement

  1. What would I like to rant about today? Nothing, I guess. I mostly don’t rant – although I can be tempted from time to time But honestly – I don’t think any of these are rants. They’re too well reasoned, too logical.

    On the other hand, I have a few of the same irritations: too-long sleeves, junk mail, over-sharing. Especially at this time of year the mail can be a real irritant.

    But those screwdrivers? Shoot. My favorite work outfit included a lime green ratcheting screwdriver from Snap-On. I had a lime green hat to go with it. Girl, I was rocking it on the docks, until I dropped that baby into the water. No way I was paying to replace it. I headed down to Ace Hardware and re-joined the masses.

    • A lime green screwdriver?? Well, okay, then, I never saw one, but I totally love the idea of your tool matching your hat — very chic, I think! Such a pity it went into the depths.

  2. I will join your rant about stores being open on Thanksgiving. It’s wrong. VERY WRONG!! Yes, I know some people like to shop on Thanksgiving but we must witness to them, do missionary work, and stop the madness. American need to speak out, step up and tell the stories we don’t want to mix our holidays thanks with best buy specials. Nothing good can come from this commercial mockery—I say shut it down!

    • You know, I think a lot of us would boycott the stores who “punish” their employees this way — IF we didn’t have the media hyping it up and trying to convince us that the shelves will be bare and we’ll miss all the goodies if we don’t show up, too!

  3. BRAVA, Debbie! What a faaaaaabulous list of puzzlements!

    This one made me howl…

    “6) Why do dogs hate it when you blow in their faces, yet invariably stick their entire heads out a car window when going for a ride?”

    Bwhahahahhahahaha! And yeah, why is that?? Maybe it’s our bad breath?

    And speaking of people working on Thanksgiving – the store I work is opening on Thanksgiving night at 8 PM instead of Black Friday. Can you believe that? And thank god I’m only a vendor, not a store employee, because I was asked by my boss if I wanted to go in at 8 PM and I said…..NO WAY!

    Great post, dear lady!


    • Good for you, Ron! Stick to your guns, my friend. There’s NO WAY these stores need to open on turkey-day. The crowds would be there on Black Friday. Let the employees enjoy a day off feasting with their families!

      Have a super rest-of-the-weekend!!

  4. OMG, what a list! Quite a lot to rant about but very funny, too–because it’s all true! As for stores being open on Thanksgiving Day, I’m against it. Unfortunately in order for the stores to revert to not being open, we’d ALL have to boycott the stores that day. Then they’d get the message. I know a lot of folks won’t be able to resist because of the deals. But trust me, those deals would still be there on Friday if all of us agree not to go to the stores on Thursday. I do feel bad for all the store employees.

    • Yes, ma’am, THAT’s what I’m talking about! A boycott just might work, but it would require a unified effort. I’d certainly be willing to do my part. Nobody NEEDS to shop on Turkey-Day. Or Christmas, for that matter. It’s just greed on the part of store owners to open on a holiday, forcing their employees to leave the comfort of their homes and families. Let’s organize something, ‘k??

      • Debbie, if you’re game, email me. I’m happy to write a post for Monday on “Why I Won’t Shop on Thanksgiving Day.” If you do the same we can link to each other and encourage others to write their own posts on the subject. What do you think?

  5. Ummmmm Deb….You took a lot of time thinking up those unique pet peeves ……me thinks you have to much time on your hands or that you are a very creative thinker! I’m leaning on the second choice…LOL! Love you girl!

    • Tanya, you make me laugh! Actually, I collected this list over a period of time and just kept adding to it as the ideas came to me. No way could I have sat down and compiled it! As for the creativity — well, let’s hope so! Always great to see you here, my friend.

    • Ooh, me, too. I, for one, will be boycotting. And if they run out of “deals,” well, I guess I’ll just have to shop online (or tell myself it wasn’t something I HAD to have anyway!)

    • So the professor is a lefty, huh? You’re in great company, sir — presidents, astronauts, and so forth ( I hope your teachers weren’t of a mind to try to change your handedness when you were in school.
      Dallas, by the way, is a HE, although he gets that “Lassie” treatment lots of times. I have to remind him it’s tough being so pretty, ha!

    • We’re fine here, Pat, thanks for asking. So much devastation not so far away though. East of Peoria really got slammed, as did some parts of Chicago and Indiana. We simply dodged a bullet, one of many, and we never know which one will have us in its sights. Such is the nature of living in Illinois!

  6. Hahaha…great musings! (We’re the house that never decorates outside for holidays…it’s not the decorating I mind- it’s the packing it up and finding a place to store all the *&%$ :)) The TMI is a strange phenomenon. If I’m just passing by a blog and see a personal type post, I can’t even comment because it feels like I just peeked into someone’s window.

    Here’s the best I can come up with for a rant: why can’t boys’ pants sizes be the same no matter where you go? In one brand, an eight fits, but in another, it takes a ten (and the legs are too long.) Don’t retail stores know boys HATE to try on jeans? I had to make two trips to the store this weekend because I guessed wrong.

    • You are sooo right about the boys’ pants — I remember having to bribe my son Domer just to get him in the store, let alone actually try stuff on! Gee, those were good times, ha! And when the boy is having a growth-spurt, it’s that much worse. Often, I’d just go by myself into the store, pick up a stack of stuff, then let him try them on at home. (And talk about having to get those Christmas decorations packed up and stored? Try the “fun” of hauling all that clothing back and getting different sizes!) Aaargh!!

  7. Oh Debbie – I love the randomness of these rants.

    #2 – I bought my single daughter one of those pink tool sets just because the pink was so cute and I thought it might make doing those mechanical chores a bit more fun. Was I dead wrong? I fell for the marketing ploy.

    #3 – there’s a great family candy maker in Denver who makes candy corn in different color schemes so you CAN buy them throughout the year. Hooray!

    #4 – I’ve decided “those people” are planted on our blocks to try our patience and forgiveness and tolerance. Unfortunately, I’ve been a big fail on the tests. I’ve got none toward them.

    and #5 – I’m afraid I’m one of those women with the long arms. I think I’m freakishly so – like an orangutang or something.

    Okay – I did my best to un-puzzle some of the wonderings here. The others? I’m with you on being baffled.

    • You certainly aren’t the only one buying into the “ladies’ tool kit” marketing, Barb. Why, I was in Wal-Mart the other day, fully intending to get a photo of one for this blog, yet they were entirely out! Perhaps this is the next big Christmas gift fad??

      Ooh, you should link to those candy corn people! I happen to love candy corn (so, I’m afraid, does Dallas), and it would be quite handy to have it available year round.

      And you’re not a freak. But you’d better buy clothing now while it fits, rather than next year, when the designers and manufacturers might think we’re all 4′ tall, ha!

  8. My Kirby vacuum’s cord is on the left side. But I’m a righty. It doesn’t bother me.

    I’m not feeling too inclined to rant about anything today, but I have to agree with you that retail employees should NOT have to work on Thanksgiving day.

    • You’re probably used to that cord on the right, but I find it challenging. I like to hold the excess cord in my left hand and push with the right; draping it across the body of the machine doesn’t sit well with me. Oh well.
      Terri, if you’d like to join the cause and post about not shopping on Thanksgiving Day, go for it! We’ll be glad to link to your blog on the Facebook page, too. Just a thought.

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