(Nearly) Wordless Wednesday

Greetings from Gulfport, MS, home of yesterday’s ice storm Leon.

Those of you (like my son Domer) who have endured months of snow and cold might not think much of our “little wintry mix,” but let me assure you, it’s way worse than it looks.

Folks down here don’t buy coats — they don’t need ’em.

Communities don’t own snow plows — ditto.

And waking up to 24 degrees (that feels like 14) is most unusual. Temperatures here aren’t supposed to drop below freezing, winds aren’t supposed to howl like a wild thing from the northwest, pipes aren’t supposed to freeze, people aren’t supposed to sleep on the floor of the local Home Depot because they can’t make it home.

So “cold” is relative, you know — Enjoy!

Frozen precipitation on deck

Frozen precipitation on deck

Sleet/snow mix

Sleet/snow mix

Brrr, too cold to go outside

Brrr, too cold to go outside

Wintry mix, perhaps?

Wintry mix, perhaps?

Good morning, Winter!

Good morning, Winter!

That grass is a sheet of ice!

That grass is a sheet of ice!

29 thoughts on “(Nearly) Wordless Wednesday

    • Well, I’m definitely NOT a fan of Winter! That said, there are a lot of nice things about living in the Midwest that I’d miss if I had to leave (four distinct seasons, fresh apples, and lower food prices are just three!). The blessing for the South, though, is that this mess will all be just a memory in a couple of days!

  1. First, my pet peeve – “Leon” is a marketing tool devised by The Weather Channel to hype things up. The National Weather Service doesn’t name winter storms. There. I got that off my chest! 😉

    Beyond that, you have nothing but sympathy and understanding from this part of the Gulf Coast. The reason I’m home is the same cold – up to a toasty 34 now! And yesterday, we had ice all over the bridges and elevated roadways. This time around, we didn’t get cold enough, for long enough, for the pipe-bursting routine, but the steps and walkways still have some ice on them from yesterday’s sleet.

    It really is true – there’s no sense in places like Gulfport and Houston keeping a fleet of salt trucks and snow plows. We just don’t need them all that often. Houston hasn’t had a winter weather warning for three years, until last week. Now, we’ve had two in the space of a week. Amazing.

    Stay warm, and be careful. I discovered the walkway where I keep my Cape Honeysuckle was iced over last night. I saw it before I just went trucking across it, but I thought of you as I slowed down and reached for the railing!

    • I’m so glad my “trip” served as a reminder so you didn’t go crashing down on all that ice, Linda!
      My darling Sheltie had to go outside — LOTS of times — to check it all out. Sadly, we don’t have a fenced back yard down South, so it’s up to Mama to take him out on a leash for his bathroom breaks. Last night, I looked around and couldn’t help feeling like the world’s worst kind of fool for standing outside in a gale-force wind with sub-freezing temperatures while he scouted around for just the right spot!
      I do agree about the storm-naming thing — and I just heard they’ve got another one on the way. It’s one thing to name hurricanes, but winter storms? Pul-ease!

  2. Debbie, I know. Even my brother (who lives in south Florida) said the temps there are unusually cold. It’s seems to be cold everywhere, doesn’t it?

    Yesterday it was 14 degrees, today it’s 12! While I was outside walking around and taking pictures yesterday (yeah, I know, I’m crazy), when I took my gloves off to snap the camera, my finger tips turned blue and felt like they were going to snap off!

    Stay warm, my friend. Have a super Wednesday!

    • Do be careful exposing bare skin to those COLD temps, Ron. There’s something called frostbite that you surely don’t want! Yes, we’re looking forward to your pictures, but maybe you should invest in a pair of those fingerless, texting gloves??

      I heard on the news that this storm was making its presence known from the Texas Coast all across the Gulf Coast and up the Atlantic seaboard. That’s a LOT of people to be inconvenienced! I’m just grateful we had the sense to stay in — so many were caught unprepared in traffic and had to spend the night wherever they could.

      Stay safe out there and Happy Wednesday!

  3. Just came back inside from shoveling…over six inches of snow last not. I’m not a big fan of winter either, but am thankful I don’t live somewhere like MN that gets tons of snow!

    • Last year, I lost count of how many times I was shoveling — the driveway, the sidewalks, the patio, plus several tunnels in the back yard so Dallas could venture outside to potty. Since I’ve been south, I haven’t shoveled once! (Of course, I don’t think we even OWN a shovel down here, ha!). I know you know to take lots of breaks while shoveling — that’s HARD work, Suzi!

  4. It’s not nearly so cold here in Arizona. No ice (would have to have some kind of precipitation for that 🙂 ) Snow is pretty.. ice is just scary. Could be because my propensity for clumsiness means that I’m likely to fall in a most embarrassing way. I hope all of this extreme winter weather doesn’t mean that summer will be unusually hot.

    • I don’t think I’ve heard any predictions yet for summer, Janna, but I, too, hope summer won’t be unbearably hot. Especially if the heat brings all those fires to the western states — that must be so frightening. And since my earlier fall, you can just bet I’m staying OFF that ice!

  5. Well, I think it’s always worse in the south ’cause we don’t like the cold and the snow pauses everything. I never get mad about being snowed in. What’s awful is when folk lose power. Lordy, mercy…That’s never good in any kinda weather.

    • Totsy, you are so right — losing power (whether in 100 degree heat from a hurricane or in 20 degree cold from an ice storm) is the worst! I can get a LOT done if I’m snowed in as long as I’ve got power, ha! Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Sorry to hear you’re experiencing extreme weather. I can only hope that our spring and summer will compensate for the cold we’ve had to endure this winter! Stay warm, Debbie!

    • You’ve had an especially harsh winter, from what I understand, Terri, and I sympathize. It must be so hard not seeing the sun (or the grass!) for days or weeks on end. Yes, perhaps there will be a reward with a lovely, mild spring!

  7. Debbie, I love your photos of the “pretend” snowstorm. I feel your cold. But was this before the big storm that hit the South? And were you affected where you are by it? I saw the news stories about Atlanta. Wow.

    • Pretend?? Oh, no, Monica, it was for real! This took place Tuesday and Wednesday of this week — the same system that walloped Atlanta and the Carolinas. Central Illinois right now is getting hit with more snow — just what we need — but Leon was a purely southern phenomena. Thanks for dropping by to share my cold, ha!

    • Poor Kim — and winter’s only halfway over. Sigh. I think I might have to stick around down here for a while longer — today was sunny and 60 degrees, woo-hoo!

  8. Hi Debbie,how disappointing to go down south in hopes of avoiding the snow and end up in the midst of all this. This will go down as one heck of a winter for all of us! Be safe.

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