Dallas, the Storm Chaser Dog

Dallas here.

Can somebody please tell me what’s wrong with my mama?

The other night we had a hugemongous storm, complete with:

  • somebody taking flash pictures outside the window
  • somebody rolling immense stone boulders down the street
  • and about 1,000 cows peeing on the roof

To tell you the truth, I was scared.

But mama wasn’t. She told me we were having a bad storm but were safe inside.

Then she rolled over and tried to go back to sleep.

Tried, being the key word.

Because of course I wasn’t about to let her sleep.

I paced back and forth. I whimpered. And when all else failed, I laid my head on her bed, looked her in the eye, and started making chewing noises.

Mama covered me with her sheet, but I still wasn’t happy.

Didn’t she see those flashes? Didn’t she hear those booms?

Who could sleep with all that going on?

Eventually, mama told me I was going to have to go into my “dog cave” if I didn’t settle down.

My dog cave is my crate, and I don’t mind being in it at all.

In fact, I feel very safe there, and a part of me wanted that.

(The other part wanted to protect my mama!)

When I refused to settle, mama jumped out of bed and raced down the stairs, with me at her heels.

Oh, boy, I thought. She’s finally going to let me outside so I can chase that storm away, streaking across the back yard like a furry bullet and barking to alert the neighbors.

Because they’re probably sleeping, just like mama.

But no, she scooped me up and put me in my cave. And told me to go to sleep.

Which I did.

And while I wasn’t happy being apart from my mama, I couldn’t help noticing I’d succeeded. The storm went away, and mama was safe.

Still, I’m worried about her.

She doesn’t seem fazed by wicked weather, though she curls up into a ball and covers her head with the blanket.

Do you think she’s putting on a brave act, just for me??

19 thoughts on “Dallas, the Storm Chaser Dog

  1. Hello Dallas, the Storm Chaser Dog!

    You GO, boy!

    And wow…that sounded like one HUGEMONGOUS storm!

    “…though she curls up into a ball and covers her head with the blanket.”

    I used to do the same thing when I lived in Florida, where we would often have terrible rain storms with thunder and lightening. My cats would hide under the bed, while I hid under a blanket.

    Tell Mama I said Hi!

    • Mr. Ron, yes, this was a wicked storm. My mama closed the blinds, but some of the flashing still managed to creep in. And I’m a “hot” dog, because of my double-coat, so I refuse to jump in the bed with her. Sigh. Mama said to tell you ‘Hi’ right back, and to have a lovely rest-of-this-week!

    • I wish I could hide under my mama’s blanket, Miss Suzi, but I get too hot. Oh, and the bed is closer to the window, where all the bad sights and sounds are coming from, so maybe mama’s right in tucking me into my cave!

  2. Dallas, here’s the thing you need to know about storms, especially the ones that sound really bad: their bark is worse than their bite! So don’t fret. The good news is it’s over…for now… 😉

    • Aw, shucks, Miss Katybeth, my mama *is* smart! She gives me a chance to work out my anxiety but when I can’t, into my crate I go. It’s a lovely cave, too — she’s got it covered on top and partially down the sides so it’s nice and cozy, and I’ve got a doggie bed and a chew bone inside for comfort. Glad you approve!

  3. Those kinds of storms can be quite startling. Our wildest storms are the monsoons in the summertime. I’m usually more jumpy than the pets, though. Maybe I need a crate, too? 🙂 Glad everyone settled down and the storm retreated!

    • HaHa, my mama has often told me she’d like to tuck away inside my crate and shut out the world for a while, Miss Janna. Funny you’d like to do that, too! You’ve got some time before the monsoons get here — bet you could find just the right size crate!!

  4. This was so cute and reminded me so much of the dog I had growing up. Skippy used to pace and whine her way through those storms, just like Dallas.

    • Poor doggies. Mama says it’s because we feel the pressure changes more than you humans do, but I wouldn’t know. Way back when she lived in Mississippi, she had a dog who insisted on going outside at the height of hurricanes!!

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