Patient Waiting

Patience is a virtue
Possess it if you can.

Seldom found in woman,
Never found in man.
— author unknown.

Those who know me can vouch that I’m not famous for patience.

Never have been.

That snappy little verse is something the nuns used to remind us of when I was in elementary school and, while I bristled at its message, it did stick with me!

If you, too, are impatient for summer’s stabilizing weather conditions, perhaps a few more photos of nature’s beauty will calm the tempest:



Purple iris standing out from a sea of yellow

Purple iris standing out from a sea of yellow




Clemantis (climbing plant)



Deep purple iris

Deep purple iris

I think these are lilacs -- the scent is intoxicating!

I think these are lilacs — the scent is intoxicating!

I hope Spring has finally found its way to your part of the world. In the meantime:

“Teach us, O Lord, the disciplines of patience, for to wait is often harder than to work.” –Peter Marshall

23 thoughts on “Patient Waiting

  1. The flowers are beautiful. I’m always whining about how I miss northern flowers, but I do. No lilacs or peonies for us, I fear. Ah, well.

    I did have to laugh at your mention of “summer’s stabilizing weather conditions”. Context is everything. As you know, summer on the Gulf Coast is an anxious time, as the Gulf de-stabilizes and hurricanes become increasingly likely. “They” say we’re going to have a lighter than usual year, which means I’m ramping up my preparations!

    • I absolutely do remember those Gulf Coast summers — and the hurricane threats that accompanied them. While you’re battening down the hatches, we in the Midwest are looking forward to a bit of much-needed rain, compliments of moisture scurrying north.

      I’d send you a peony bush, but I’m afraid it wouldn’t grow well there. But take heart — you’ve got palm trees, crepe myrtle *trees*, Spanish moss, and camellias (not to mention all that jasmine!). You’re right — it is all relative!

  2. “Those who know me can vouch that I’m not famous for patience.

    Never have been.”

    Same here, Debbie! I’m getting a tiny bit better at being patient, but only a TINY bit – HA! And it’s so ironic you posted about patience today because I wrote a post about my ‘lack’ of patience which I may be posting on my blog sometime this month.

    BEAUTIFUL photographs! I’m especially drawn to the peonies because I have never actually seen them planted in anyone’s garden. I LOVE their scent! And also, lilacs!

    Don’t you just love flowers?

    Have a super Tuesday, my friend!


    • I scooped up some of those peony petals just this morning, and I couldn’t believe how delightful their scent was! I’ve always heard that peonies tend to draw ants, so that’s why my mom doesn’t want them. Putting them far off in the yard seems like an ideal solution, though.

      You’re not patient either?? I thought impatience was particular for the young, but since I’m no longer 20 and still don’t have patience, I guess it’s more likely a personality “flaw”!! Or maybe it’s genetic, since no one in my family seems to be very patient!

      Happy Tuesday to you, too, Ron!

  3. Patience is a virtue
    Virtue is a grace
    Both put together make a very pretty face.

    Ha. Not that i would know since I am rather impatient myself. Love the pictures. Spring-Summer colors are so pretty. Giving up control over the weather and rolling with the punches as soon as my a/c is fixed and I wish they would HURRY UP and get here!

    • Oh, no — you’re without a/c?? And here it is so muggy and steamy?? I’d find it pretty hard to roll with the punches on that one! Dallas, especially, seems to sashay among the various a/c vents, sucking up that cold air like it’s better than sliced bread. Poor doggin can’t find the zipper to climb out of that heavy fur coat of his!

    • I wish I could claim they’re *my* flowers, Suzi; sadly, they’re not. They’re flowers Dallas and I pass by on our walks. It’s nice not having to tend to them but still get to enjoy their beauty, ha!

    • The maddening thing about spring is that it’s so chock full of storms, one right behind another. Then summer arrives, bringing humidity, heat, and eventually, drought. We humans just can’t be pleased, can we?? Nice to “meet” another person struggling to wait for things, Professor!

  4. I’m an impatient person myself, but summer can take its sweet time! (Summer in Arizona isn’t exactly something to look forward to. It’s better since we moved farther north, but it’s still not my favorite 🙂 ) I love the flowers in the photos. That would be reason enough to enjoy the moment!

    • Thanks, Janna. Yes, I remember summers in Texas — probably not as hot as Arizona, but as the natives always reminded me: “It’s a dry heat so it doesn’t feel as hot.” Yeah, right, huh?!

  5. Oh just beautiful, Debbie! Those are definitely lilacs – and there is not really a smell more intoxicating to me! Thank you for sharing the little jewels.

    • Ooh, you love them, too? Aren’t they delicious? My mom really doesn’t like them (she thinks they smell like a funeral home, but they don’t to me). Thanks for sharing in the beauty!

    • They’re even nicer when we haven’t seen anything but snow and dead-looking stuff for what seems like forever!! Thanks for stopping in, and I’m glad they brightened your day.

  6. Spring has finally arrived in Minnesota! I’ve even been debating turning on the air conditioner, though I’ve resisted so far. I’m still enjoying soaking up the warmth.

    Your flowers are so pretty and they’re ahead of mine! My irises won’t bloom for maybe another month or so.

    • My guess is that after such a harsh winter, your irises will be gorgeous! We had to kick our A/C on already — way too much humidity. Now Dallas drapes himself over the vents and soaks up all the cold before it can get out into a room, ha!

  7. What gorgeous photographs and thanks for labeling them. Now I know the names of some of these flowers growing around me here in Switzerland.

    • How fascinating to think that, even as far away as Switzerland, you might have some of the same varieties of flowers that Central Illinois has!! Probably makes you feel that much closer to home, huh?!

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