A Dog’s Christmas

Dallas here.

Mama’s busy working on her stupid laptop, so she asked me to pitch-hit again.

(Not really, but won’t she be surprised when she sees my new post and your lovely comments, tee hee!!)

First off, Life is supposed to revolve around me, so you should know I had a great Christmas. I got some new toys and treats, The Kid (Domer) was home to play Chase with me, and every so often I dragged Mama off for walkies and lovins.

I take my doggie duties extra-serious, you see. And a mama’s got to have regular exercise.

The lovins? Well, that’s just icing on the cake!

Before The Kid arrived, Mama took me for a ride in the car, which I love, but she didn’t tell me was where we were going.

It was to the groomer’s, so I could get beautified.

Well, I’m not exactly happy about it, but I like my furs all sweet-smelling.

Then Mama and The Kid bustled around like bees wrapping presents, decorating the tree, and such.

Here, take a look at a picture Mama took of me with the fruits of their labors:


Wasn’t I being good?? The trick, as Mama learned from her friend Katybeth, is TREATS.

Lots of treats.

And since I’m stomach-driven (Mama says that like it’s a bad thing!), I’ll do most anything for something yummy.

(Squirrel! Did you notice I used three “thing” words in that sentence? Isn’t this fun?!)

I won’t tell you what The Kid calls me when he’s complaining about my eating. I don’t think it’s very nice, and you shouldn’t have to hear words like that.

Anyway, too soon, the festivities were over.



The tree was bare without packages, and Mama said she was going to take down ALL the decorations after the new year rolled around.

So I figured you’d want to see one more picture of ME before that happened:


The Kid says I look sleepy here. I’m not. Definitely NOT!

I’m always watching. That’s what a Sheltie does. I sleep with one eye on my Mama at all times.

Well, maybe not all night, when I know she’s going to be in bed for a while.

This last picture, I’m actually bored. And I’m wondering, Gee, is that all the presents I’m going to get?!

24 thoughts on “A Dog’s Christmas

    • Thanks, Linda. She does a really GOOD job with him, probably because she’s had special training in how to do Shelties. I can make do in between times, but he’s just too much dog for me to hoist into the bathtub every time he needs to be there.

  1. Dallas, you are too adorable for words, and your coat looks gorgeous after grooming. Sleek and stately, if you ask me. Glad you had a nice Christmas with mom and the kid. It might be over, but guess what? There’s always next year, which is approximately 11 months away!

    • Small comfort, Monica — you know very well that dogs can’t tell time, ha! And this particular dog seems to live merely from one meal to the next. Do yours do that, too, or can I blame cold weather on this insane begging??

      • That sounds like Henry. He’s always looking for the next meal, which is rather tiresome. On the other hand, when it comes to most foods, Oliver can take it or leave it, with the emphasis on the latter.

        • I’ve had a lot of dogs, but never one as ravenous ALL the time as Dallas. It’s frustrating, really, to feed him the GOOD stuff and think it’s still not enough. I’m hauling him to the vet tomorrow to check things out. I’m probably just being a worried pet-mama (I hope!)

        • Well, I think it’s normal for them to want food. It’s up to us to limit their intake. Every time I walk into the kitchen Henry follows. Generally I ignore his requests which come in the form of his soulful eyes and occasional barks. It’s for his own good. He eats twice a day with two light snacks and that’s it. When I first brought him home, I’d indulge him. But since then, he’s lost three pounds and has stayed at that weight. His vet says he looks good, and is at a good weight. He still follows me into the kitchen, hoping for more. No dice.

        • You are sooo right to limit his intake. I measure Dallas’s food out every time I feed him — it’s the treats and “snackies” that are his downfall, I’m afraid. And sadly, the vet isn’t too sympathetic; merely says I must be the disciplinarian. Grrrr!

    • No, I’m pretty sure he never even thought of climbing the tree, Janna. However, he regularly backed his furry bottom into it — once, he even managed to yank one of the ornaments off. It got stuck in his furs, and we got a big kick out of watching him try to detach it!!

  2. “(Squirrel! Did you notice I used three “thing” words in that sentence? Isn’t this fun?!)”

    HAHAHHAHA! Dallas, you are BEYOND adorable and should start your own blog because I think you would be smashing success!

    “I won’t tell you what The Kid calls me when he’s complaining about my eating. ”

    And I know exactly how you feel because people are always saying the same thing about my eating. I eat A LOT, so I completely understand.

    You look absolutely handsome after your day at the grooming. But then again, I think your look handsome with or without the groomer. You are one CUTE dog!

    Love the pictures of you!

    Thanks for posting, Dallas. And please tell Mama I said hello, okay?


    • Ron, you’re indulging him — shame, shame, ha! If I let him, he’d eat ALL DAY! I just don’t know where he puts it. Perhaps you and he simply have a fast metabolism or something.
      Thanks for stopping by and complimenting my Sheltie — still can’t believe he got hold of my blog while I was otherwise occupied!
      Happy first-full-week-in-2015 to you, my dear!!

  3. A dog does what a dog does! LOL! I know NOTHING about dogs! So if he wants to eat…I guess I would feed him until he can’t eat anymore. What do I know about…..dogs?

    He looks very healthy!

    • My Italian mom is the same way, Tanya — she always thinks FOOD can solve whatever’s wrong with everybody and everything. No wonder the poor dog is packing a few pounds, ha!

  4. Dallas, what a fine job you’ve done with this post! Roxy and I are most impressed with your writing ability! You look so dapper after your grooming! How wonderful that you were able to spend time with “the kid” during the holiday season! Roxy likes to ride in the car as well, especially with the window down! Happy New Year! 🙂

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