Discouraged, Not Defeated

Hope is putting faith to work when doubting would be easier. ~Author Unknown

You were meant to stand out,
Blessed with a beauty unbounded.
Destined to sparkle, to astonish,
To share your uniqueness with the world.

Yet here you stand
Buffeted by gale-force winds of change,
Assaulted by frosty words of criticism,
Struggling to find the sun beneath clouds of doubt.

Yet here you stand
Having shed your pearls of wisdom,
Seen them tossed thoughtlessly away
In favor of louder, more confident voices.

Yet here you stand
Still trying to triumph
Still hoping to claim your place
And recapture bits of past magic.

Yet here you stand
Discouraged, but not defeated.

Note: April is National Poetry Month. While poetry as an art form probably should be celebrated every month, perhaps it’s a start to set aside 30 days to recognize poets and their works.

12 thoughts on “Discouraged, Not Defeated

  1. *clapping*

    Oh Debbie, I LOVE this post! Your words ring so true, my friend…

    “You were meant to stand out,
    Blessed with a beauty unbounded.
    Destined to sparkle, to astonish,
    To share your uniqueness with the world.”


    When I look back on the various careers I’ve had, they have all been ones that place me in a position of being harshly judged. I remember when I was still acting and went through a long period of being so excited about what I was doing, but also scared to death of being judged by the critics (and my peers) as not being a good actor. It was probably the most scariest period of my life because acting puts you in a very vulnerable position of enjoying doing what you love, but also not knowing if you can make a living doing it. Acting taught me a huge lesson in developing my own sense of acceptance, persistence, and knowing how to discern all kinds of judgment.

    Thanks for sharing this inspiring post, my friend! Have a FAB week!

    • Thank you, Ron. It’s gratifying to be so well understood! I think all creative people face this kind of dilemma, wanting to do something artistic yet fearing criticism from the public. You’re blessed that acting helped you develop your own sense of persistence as well as the ability to turn a deaf ear to the nay-sayers.

      Your compliments make me blush, my friend. Enjoy the rest of your week!

  2. What a great poem, about a common experience. We live in a culture dedicated to the loud and flashy, to glitz rather than to true glamour. Still, those small voices have something to say. Maybe we need to be better listeners.

    • I think you’re right, Linda. I seem to recall something from one of my classes about “that still, small voice.” It’s easy to become overwhelmed with all the noise and chatter, particularly online. Perhaps those who really have something of importance to say aren’t the ones always talking (or typing!)

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