Buried in White

Winter must be cold for those with no warm memories. ~An Affair to Remember, 1957, screenplay by Delmer Daves, Leo McCarey, and Donald Ogden Stewart

The weather experts said we got 11.5 inches of snow over Presidents’ Day weekend.

And, with temperatures not expected to reach 32 degrees until at least Sunday, it’s going to stick around a while.

So I decided to share some of it with you here (sorry I can’t scoop up a few inches and ship it to those of you who want some for reals!)

Please enjoy:

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35 thoughts on “Buried in White

  1. Debbie, what a beautiful winter wonderland! ❄️👀❄️ Sure hope you have power – so sad seeing folks in Texas going without power for 3rd day in frigid temps. 💨🙏💨

    • Thank Heaven we haven’t lost power! My heart aches for those folks in Texas who aren’t used to the frigid conditions and have no way to warm up. Why hasn’t somebody done something to help them already??

    • Fortunately, we haven’t lost power. Nor are we seeing much sunshine, so I suppose we’ll muddle through a while. I can’t help hoping Spring will show up soon and kick Winter to the curb though, ha!

    • Thank you, Frank, for telling me. I liked them, too, because we finally had a sunny day! But the night shots — with the snow crystals glistening like diamonds — are striking, too.

  2. WOW, Debbie…BEAUTIFUL photographs of the snow!!! I especially love the ones of the snow on the branches because it looks like vanilla icing!

    It funny because for the past 3 years, we hardly got any snow OR cold. Last year it snowed one time, but it was so light that it was a dusting. And I don’t think the temps got any lower than maybe 30 degrees. However, this year has been the complete opposite. In fact, this morning we got another snow storm (mixed with sleet). Of course, you know me, I was out there taking pictures all day.

    I know everyone can’t wait for winter to be over, but I’m savoring it for as long as it lasts.

    Thanks so much for sharing the beauty of WINTER! 🙂

    Have a super weekend, my friend. Make some nice, hot soup. It’ll warm you up. I just made some delicious lentil and potato soup. Yummy! X

    • I’m happy to hear you liked them, Ron! A foot of snow doesn’t sound like much, but this got blown into pretty high drifts, so it’s a LOT of the white stuff.

      Oh, I’m SO glad you got some snow … finally! I know how much you love it and I can hardly wait to see your photos when you post them. You go ahead and savor winter, my friend … I’m eagerly anticipating spring, ha! xx

    • Thank you, Eliza. A foot isn’t all that much, but this blew into drifts. I was out trying to shovel yesterday, and it was so dense and heavy that I gave up early. Maybe the sun will come out and help, ha!

  3. These are gorgeous views, Debbie. It’s funny — so much of Texas got snow, and a good bit of it, but we only got about an inch instead of a foot. I’d have been glad to get more, but it wasn’t to be. Your photos are a nice substitute. I noticed you mentioned drifts, too. That’s what I remember from Iowa blizzards. They could get feet high sometimes, even covering windows. Shoveling out wasn’t so much fun, but they were beautiful.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed them, Linda. I’ve been watching the situation in Texas, and my heart goes out to those who’ve lost power. It’s one thing to be without electricity when it’s 60 degrees outside; it’s a whole new barrel of fish when it’s hovering around 10. I pray you’ll have a warmup soon and the power restored. Be glad you’re NOT buried under all this snow!

      • The power’s on to most people now, although there still are some without. We’re still having to boil water, too, but at least we have water. For a while, people were having to melt snow to get drinking water. Hello, pioneer life!

        • How dreadful! Like being in the aftermath of a hurricane, without the humidity, heat, and wreckage everywhere. I saw the lines of people waiting to get into grocery stores, and the news showed a ceiling fan frozen with icicles. Brr!

  4. Looks beautiful, doesn’t it, but…brrrr!! We had snow last week too but not as much and it only stayed a few days. I’ve noticed we don’t seem to get icicles so much as we did when I was a kid though – I’m jealous of yours! Stay warm and drink plenty of hot chocolate… 😀

  5. You got some winter “down south”, lol! I liked looking at your pictures. Looks like the Winter King is striking in all sorts of unpredictable places this year.

    • Indeed! Who’d have thought Winter would strike with such a vengeance places that normally would be seeing signs of Spring by now? And linger way past his welcome for the rest of us!

  6. I heard on the news the other day that 3/4 of the country is blanketed in snow right now! Ironically, here in Minnesota, it seems we’re being spared as compared to previous years. The winter days are far from over though, and March may still bring weather more like what we’re used to.

    Your photos are pretty. And I love the quote. (I only know it thanks to having watched Sleepless in Seattle so many times. There are frequent references to the movie!)

  7. Beautiful beautiful beautiful, Debbie!!! As you saw from my post today, we got a lot of snow too! A lot has melted already so I am so happy I made it out to the park on the day I did. Thank you for sharing your pictures here. Winter this year for the first time since my childhood has been enjoyable. How about that? xo

    • I’m happy for you, Amy! Although I’m not usually enamored of Winter, I can appreciate its beauty. Sadly, dangerously cold temperatures precluded any enjoyment outside, and I couldn’t wait to hole up in a sunny window, ha!

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