Spring 2023

This is the sensory season. Trees are in leaf… It is a green world… Walk through an orchard and you can smell as well as feel the strength of grass underfoot, new grass reaching tall toward the sun. Boughs naked only a little while ago, then bright and heady with bloom, now rustle with leaf and tingle with the strength of fruition. Listen, and you can almost hear the pulse of sap and the mysterious workings of chlorophyll. The air vibrates with bird song… All the senses tingle, alive with the season as the world itself is alive. Nothing is impossible at such a time. ~Hal Borland, American writer, journalist, and naturalist

Happy Spring, my friends! I’m taking a few days off — see you after Easter!

16 thoughts on “Spring 2023

  1. Debbie, beautiful photo, beautiful words! Perfect for Spring!

    You know, I had totally forgotten about Easter being this coming Sunday until I looked at my work schedule yesterday and saw that I was off on Sunday. Which was strange, because I normally work the weekends.”

    Happy Easter to you, Domer, and Monkey! Enjoy your break! X

    • How did you almost forget about Easter?? Haven’t you been swamped with ads for dressy clothing? Haven’t you almost tripped over parents deciding which basket to purchase for their little ones? Haven’t you had any egg hunts in your parks? I’m amazed, Ron. Of course, our churches, too, have been fuller than normal, everybody getting ready for the holiday. Hope you enjoy your day off — and the weather cooperates!

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