Walking with Monkey in Spring

A fine spring is good for everybody. ~Russian proverb

I Monkey here.

Back-to-back posts from me within a week’s time? Yes, indeed. Count yourselves lucky, people, that Mama is busy with stuff and lets me use her computer!

Saturday dawned sunny and mild, so I Monkey badgered Mama until she agreed to take me for a nice stroll. Join us as we look at some of the Spring-stuff.

Here’s a patch of flowers. I guess the blooms are already gone, but trust me, there was an interesting smell about them:

Mama likes pink trees. How about you?

And this dogwood (I love that name!) was all white:

Oh, look — tulips! I Monkey wanted to “water” them, but Mama said No. She can be a real Debbie Downer, heh heh:

Have you ever seen a purple bush? (Now you have!):

I Monkey wonder what these pretty blue things are (Mama didn’t know either):

And these little yellow stars are kind of interesting:

Here’s another pink tree:

Mama kind of liked these tulips beside a lamppost, though I Monkey think they look pretty scraggly:

Here’s another purple bush. This one’s color is a deep purple:

These are nice. Mama calls them phlox, but who knows if she’s right:

I Monkey really like these lilac bushes. Mama had to get up real close so she could inhale the scent (I Monkey was more interested in the ground beneath them). Anybody know why they’re called “lilac” when they’re clearly white in color?

Okay, people, our walk is done, and I Monkey am going to SnoozleLand. Hope you enjoyed the scenery!

21 thoughts on “Walking with Monkey in Spring

  1. ALWAYS a delight to see your posts, Monkey!

    And yup, I love pink trees as well. In fact, we had a lot here this Spring. Unfortunately though, many have already faded away.

    “I Monkey wanted to “water” them, but Mama said No. She can be a real Debbie Downer.” — cracked. me. up.!

    Those pretty little blue things I’ve seen here too and wondered what they were.

    And I’m with you, Monkey, in your like of lilac’s. GORGEOUS aroma! This Spring I saw a lot of blue/purplish ones, however, no white. They’re beautiful!

    Thanks for sharing your walk, sir! Thoroughly enjoyed. Wishing you and Mama a Happy Monday and week!


    • Mr. Ron, I Monkey am happy you let me “borrow” your idea of posting about Spring. It’s a good thing I got Mama outside when I did, too, for today is cloudy, cool, and there’s enough wind that makes it hard for mamas to walk little puppies without blowing us into Kansas!

      I’m glad you liked Mama’s photos. I’ll be sure to tell her! She’s pretty good about getting me outside for long walks, but she’s a real baby when it comes to wind. Something about it messing up her hair and making her face all red. Huh.

      Looks like you’re had more than your share of rain of late. Hope the rest of the week improves for you. xx

    • Indeed it has, Miss Eliza. There are so many interesting smells for a young pup like me. I was probably too little last Spring to appreciate them, but now, I’m learning the ropes!

    • Thanks for joining us, Mr. Frank. I Monkey am delighted to be able to appreciate another Spring. Mama says the season carries a lot of ups and downs, so we have to get out and enjoy every minute of it!

  2. Well, Monkey, looks to me like some other pup’s Mama must have let him water the second batch of scraggly tulips! It’s funny how humans are more interested in the way the flowers smell than all the much more interesting stuff underneath!

    • Isn’t that the truth, Miss FF? I Monkey know where all the good smells are, and I plant my feet with determination when Mama is walking me on a leash so I can get the interesting ones. I hate it when she tries to hurry me up, too!

  3. It’s always a pleasure seeing the world through your eyes, Monkey. 🙂 There are so many pretty blossoms in the spring and I don’t think anyone can possibly know the names of all of them! That purple bush is gorgeous!

    • Thanks, Miss Barbara. Mama liked the purple bush, too. I had to stand real still while she took its picture. And since I wasn’t the subject, I didn’t even get a cookie. Huh, what’s that about?!?

  4. After all that grim mud and cold — and those wet paws — it’s good to see that you can frolic in some color now, Monkey! I’ll bet your mom is happy not to have to wipe those muddy paws every day, and I’ll bet she’s happy to see some color in her world, too!

    • Miss Linda, I Monkey am happy to welcome Spring. It’s nice not having to hold up at the door while Mama wipes my feet, and I do enjoy the warm sun on my fur. Besides that, the critters (bunnies and squirrels, especially) are out and about, giving me something to chase when I’m outdoors!

  5. Glad you are back. And what a delight to see all these beautiful flowers especially since spring is a long time coming in the mountains.

    • Thank you, Miss Pat. I Monkey have never seen mountains, but I think I might like them. I’d miss all these pretty flowers though. And I’m not sure, but I don’t think Mama would like all that snow!

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